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The best women’s consignment store in the area. Great selection of vintage clothes and jewelry along with the very latest styles. Oh, the clothes, the jewelry and the handbags! And Dina is an absolute doll ! - Marie

This was my first purchase from this boutique online. What a great experience!!! I ordered a Louis Vuitton Azur Galleria site unseen - and it is just as perfect as the photos! I can’t believe it’s been used at all! Staff was extremely personable and helpful and shipping was immediate! If I ever have the opportunity to visit West Palm Beach I will be sure to pay them a visit. Extremely satisfied with my purchase!!  - Kimberly 

Dina C's is going to one of the jewels in the crown that is Antique Row on Dixie Highway. Don't be fooled by the exterior. It may look small from the curb, but when you open that door, it's deservedly "Fab" and "Funky" and an Emporium of discounted designer chic! Head to toe, top to bottom and everything in between ~ hats to shoes and boots with all the names the average Jane can't afford on Worth. It's well lit, organized with room to move about. You're not bumping into people or pricy things you don't want to knock over. 

The consignors top notch. They're letting go of "real" designer and couture, not Macy's knockoffs. I found Tori, Lilly, Fendi, Ferragamo, Louis, Chanel, Bracciolini, Gaultier, just to name a select few. There are accessories galore - eyeglasses, designer sunglasses, jewelry, scarves and shawls to die for! That wrap/shawl rack is incredible. There are hat boxes that are just waiting to be shelved and tagged! This is the kind of place you want to visit once a week at least. The girls that run the show are friendly and helpful - not snooty and standoffish. They're not pushy and don't follow you all over the place. I, personally, detest someone blabbing at me while I'm shopping. It's not cheap, but it's cheaper than Worth Avenue and any Palm Beach boutique, including that Goodwill in Palm Beach in some regards. The prices are undeniably affordable, if you dreamed of owning some couture pieces. You'll never see them for this price anywhere else in PBC. 

Parking may be a little problematic but do not let that discourage you or you are going to miss out on a lot. 

I am a savvy shopper. I'm an educated consumer.  I have lived here for 25 years and I know where to go - and more importantly, where to stay away from. Here is where you find it, and you don't have to feel guilty. It's empowering because you just walked out with a Gucci bucket hat for a price nobody will believe, but you will know it's true because you shopped at Dina C's. - Mims


Best vintage clothing ever. I loved everything I saw. Dina’s eye is 100% spot on. - Anne


OMG the best! The owner pulled a Ted Lapidus vintage dress out and it was perfect.I bought it and will go back! A must see! - Allyson


Just discovered this wonderful gem...can't wait to come back! Everything here is the real deal. Plus, Dina and Lilly were amazing. They each have impeccable taste and a thorough knowledge of fashion. They observed what I seemed interested in and navigated their inventory to highlight other pieces I might have otherwise missed. They were kind enough to indulge all of my sartorial whims and even stayed open late just so I could try on one more Dior! Cannot recommend highly enough - Alessandra



Wow! I haven't found a place this awesome, since I fell in love with vintage items a decade ago. Dina has an extensive, unique, and exquisite selection of all things vintage, AND she is delightful :). You must stop by! - Jillian



For a day dedicated to vintage shopping near Boca and Palm Beach, I mapped out the most highly Yelp-rated shops. Looking for something vintage Lilly-esque to wear to my wedding, I had something specific in mind, and with only one day in the Land of Lilly, I had quite an ambitious mission before me. 

I visited four shops total, Dina C's last. Having found no Lilly that hit the spot in the first three, I was beginning to wonder if I'd need to consider a different vision.  Then, I walked into Dina C's.  PERFECT!  Believe what you've read above, THIS is the place you're looking for.  This isn't a place for cheap buys; you might find some things that are real steals, but that's not the point here.  Rather, Dina C's is chock full of beautiful, unique finds, priced fairly; items special in their first lives, now awaiting the right next owner to appreciate them in their next go-around.  

Fighting the wish to linger longer, and pulling myself out of the shop with hopes of catching some beach time, I left Dina C's with a viintage Missoni floor-length, a Lilly print skirt and frock, AND a vintage 3/4 length Lilly sundress - EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR.  

Friendly staff, seamstress on-site, this place rocks.
Thank you, Dina! - Adrianer



Always fun to shop at this store. Great selection and a fun, nostalgic trip down Memory Lane. Many of the items have not dated and work well today. - Sharon



My Mother passed away last November and had a closet filled with nice suits, scarves, and blouses.   I did a bit of online research and chose Dina C's as the place to go.   From the moment I walked in the door to today, it has been a great experience.   Dina sorted through all the items carefully and had the smart eye for what would sell and what should be donated.  I live in Hawaii and so did not see her again.   Like clockwork, checks would arrive monthly with proceeds from the sale of those items.  We are now at the end of our contract and she asked if I wanted to come get the remaining items or have her donate them appropriately (what a nice service).  I would recommend Dina C's to anyone without question. - Joan



Awesome designer collections, extremely helpful staff, clean beautiful shop! You won't be sorry you with this gem!!! We found what we were looking for... My new go to! - Alicia



Dina C's is a treasure trove of fairly priced, unique collectibles.  It's not the place for Gap and JCrew staples;  it's a delightful collection of eccentric, a dash of sparkle, mixed with vintage Pucci, Lanvin, and a bit of anything else you could imagine.  The one of a kind boutique owner, Dina, is customer oriented and helpful.  When my girl friends and I go shopping in Palm Beach, we stop here first.  If I had to guess, I'd say the average sale is $100 or less/piece.  Terrific fun! - Tracy



I stumbled across Dina C's Boutique this summer. I told myself, I wanted to stop by one of the beautiful shops I pass by at night, but never seemed to have the time to visit during the day. Dina C's caught my eye as I drove past, b/c of the vintage/retro hats I saw in the window. I'm so glad I dropped in!  

Dina C's was packed with elegant, chic, classic pieces from times when products were made with true craftsmanship! I drooled over the jewelry, shoes (too bad I wear a size 12), bags, garments, and other fine/unique items, for over TWO hours! I had no idea I had stepped into the wonderful World of Oz- for consignment! 

My sales rep was very knowledgeable and hospitable, but not too pushy. I saw a Grade A black gator bag that I thought was a large purse, but we later concluded was a travel bag. I had never seen such artistry...truly it was a work of art, NOT merely a bag. I cringed at the price and left without it. However, that night, I couldn't forget it and quickly resolved that the bag would be the first purchase of my young life, that would be an 'investment' piece for my wardrobe. I came back to the store the next day, thanked God it was still there, and swiftly purchased it. That night, I laid next to it in my bed (don't judge me! LOL), and never felt one ounce of buyers remorse since. I will NEVER sell this bag, it will get passed down to my family! 

Now, I stop by Dina's from time to time (if my budget permitted, I'd be there weekly!) and I finally met Dina (she wasn't there when I bought the bag), she's a cool east coast chick, who I think has one of the greatest jobs in the world. Selfishly, I hesitate to tell others about my discovered treasure, but I like Dina and it would be criminal to deprive her of the business. I just hope there's some nice morsels leftover for me after the stampede comes through! ;-) - Mari



Very friendly staff and wide selection. I was looking for last minute gifts and found some cool hats for my girlfriend.  Dina was helpful and apparently a hat lover herself. - Jim



I just moved to the neighborhood and stumbled upon this place. The selection here is so versatile and all items are in excellent, vintage condition. Dina has curated an amazing assortment, and you have to see it for yourself. - Olivia



This is where you want to go to find everything Classy and the most unique one of a kind pieces! The store is beautiful, so fun to shop...everywhere you look there is something so unique and has the WOW factor! The owner Dina was so helpful and has such a sense of style, she was a doll! It was a pleasure meeting her, we would definitely come back whenever we are back in town to visit! - Elena



Love love love this shop! Great accessories! Awesome customer service! Dina was very friendly and went out of her way to show us some rare goodies! Can't wait to go again! Plus she has lay a way! - Amy



I love this place!! The clothes are truly stunning one of a kind collectibles that are a blast from the past!! I bought a dress for my birthday here about two years ago and it's still my favorite dress! The selection is wide ranged from hats to heels to dresses and suits for men and all of the other eccentric and eclectic pieces! Perfect for festival garb and events! If you have a themed party I would definitely check this place out first to find a unique look that everyone will be dying to know where you got it from. The staff are all so nice and accommodating! They stop everything and help you if you ask which is really nice! The prices average but nothing is over the top, everything seems to be reasonable and as stated above, it's all in mint condition!! The shoe selection is always rotating and is impressive. I love to window shop and try things on especially the hats! Overall, if vintage is your thing or you have a sweet spot for beautiful clothing check this place out today!!! Location is easy to find and parking is ample!!! Hope you love it as much as I do!!! - Nicole


We had so much fun shopping at Dina C's..... She has beautiful vintage designer clothing, shoes, handbags & Jewlery. - Tamara



Great shop, great owner. I stopped by for a little look see and I must say that within a couple of minutes Dina got my style and started showing me some fabulous pieces that were exactly 'me'. 

Unfortunately the items I loved weren't in my size. But Dina had a cure for that too. She works with a seamstress that can do alterations for a really reasonable price. Alas I ended up with a purse but I know Dina will be on the lookout for new items that come in that just scream my style. 

Check it out! - N L.



Quality clothes, varying prices for all budgets.  Dina and her staff are very customer service focused.  She has an eye for fashion and will give you ideas on what works for you. - K G.